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Hugo Finalist Gideon Marcus at Artifact Books

4pm - 6pm

Artifact Books

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Hugo Finalist Gideon Marcus at Artifact Books

 Get Ready to TIME TRAVEL

Gideon Marcus of Galactic Journey, Hugo Finalist and winner of the Rod Serling Award, is bringing his famous roadshow to Artifact Books, opening a portal to exactly 55 years ago to showcase the science fact and fiction of the mid 1960s.

Join him and blast back to January 25, 1965:  LBJ is President and the British Invasion is underway.  Saturn rockets are scraping the skies.  Hair is getting longer, and hemlines are getting shorter.

On the tube, Twilight Zone has finished its 5 year run, and The Outer Limits has just wrapped up its last episode.  Across the Pond, Doctor Who is roaring through its second season.   In comics, it's truly a new age with a power-packed gallery of Marvel characters familiar even 55 years in the future.

And in print, a softer New Wave is washing over science fiction, exploring the weird and the psychological -- and some three dozen women writers are part of this revolution.

Come experience the thrills and the laughs that have entertained thousands from Worldcon to the National Science Fiction Convention -- right here in Encinitas.  Don't miss your chance... to time travel!

4pm - 6pm

Artifact Books

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